The Ghetto Sound crew is comprised of the production team, the sound system and South Africa’s top Reggae band, the Azania Band. The Ghetto Sound production team have produced a number of great sounding Reggae albums over the years. They have produced Reggae artist from SA and other parts of Africa, the Caribbean  including Jamaica, the UK and the USA. The Ghetto Sound production team is committed to creating good and positive Reggae music.

Within the Reggae scene Azania band have also been performing as a backing band for a number of African based and International Reggae artists. The Ghetto Sound, sound system based at the Marcus Garvey Rastafari community of Cape Town has also been blazing some conscious Reggae music within the Cape Town Reggae scene.

Releasing our music under the label One Afreeka Edutainment, our mission remains to share the message of Love, Peace and Inity with the world.